All meals in our diner are prepared using the finest ingredients and then cooked in-house for a delicious culinary experience.  Our menu caters to both kids and adults, with something for everyone, even those little fussy eaters.

American diner will remain closed until further notice

Experience our all new American Diner, for further information call us on 01202 311611 today

No true bowling alley is complete without an American diner!

Oasis Fun is no different! Our chefs will concoct your favourite American dishes including classic staples such as burgers, chips and many more. You won’t have to worry about feeding the family after your visit to Oasis Fun as you will be full from our mouth-watering food.

Don’t feel like you need to take the children away from the fun. You can order your lunch or dinner menu from the snack shack and your food will be delivered straight to you! no extra hassle which means the whole family is happy!

Adults Bar Available

Grown-ups, while the kids are playing, we suggest you visit our bar to catch up with friends over a few drinks. We serve everything from beer, cider, spirits, cocktails, and of course non-alcoholic drinks for those of you who are driving. If you have been bowling with friends or your work colleagues, then this is a perfect opportunity to unwind and compare scores afterwards.

Why not try out the pool tables!

We also suggest you play a game of pool during your next visit and get even; if you lost the last game of bowling!